About Us

Our Mission

Deliver value to our clients

Our services must deliver a tangible measurable value to our clients.

Walk the Walk

Live work and play with integrity, its not just right its the right thing to do.

Take the extra steps

Dont delivery "ok" results, take the extra step to deliver stunning results

Our Philosophy

Provide innovative products that solve every day problems

Great technology solves a problem, makes life simpler and stays out of your way, these are the products, designs and technologies we focus on. Products that Help !

Marketing efforts should be built like buildings, with a solid blueprint and foundation so they can scale to the height of skyscrapers with measurable and tangible results.

Our Skills

uStepper Sales

uStepper Project Kit Development

uStepper custom project development

Our Team

Michele (Mike) Hjorleifsson

With 20+ years in the technical industry and 10+ years in video/animation production, Mike is an experienced producer and leader. Oh, and yes that is an Icelandic name.

Michele (Mike) Illuzzi

Sales and Marketing
15+ Years behind the lens shooting photography and video, a discerning eye for making the mundane look stunning, Mike is an adamant professional. Oh, and yes thats an Italian first name.